Photinia serratifolia 'Crunchy'

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A relative of the common 'red robin' often seen as a hedge

Here is a tough as nails broad-leaved evergreen tree that is tremendously underutilized. Also known as Chinese photinia,

Occasionally growing to 10m or more but easily reduced to keep it more maneagable,

There is a use for it in any garden.

The basic appeal is the glossy, dark green foliage which is as handsome as a holly year-round. These leaves, as long as 18cm and with toothed margins, make a glossy, dark green background for the brilliant red leaves of winter. But even more impressive is the spring foliage of Chinese photinia which is a complex array of bronze, copper and salmon and is exceptionally eye-catching.

not to be overlooked is it large clusters of flowers from late Spring well into Summer

plant in a sheltered spot, its not too fussy about soil,

2Lpot 40cm